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Take freedom with the app you want to develop. djuice offers you the choice to choose fr ...

Apportunity 2013 Prizes

Internship at Telenor Pakistan Winner Name: Aashir Aumir Criteria: Developer of the top ...

How to participate in 2013?

Participation is easy and broken down into simple steps. Read terms and conditions caref ...

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  • Apportunity 2013
    THE APP-AGE BEGINS!!! Calling app developers of all ages! Your help is needed to ensure advent of the youth’s app-age. Send us your app entries for various realms of the…
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  • Apportunity 2012
    Over 1700 participants registered for Apportunity in 2012 and 83 apps were developed. 7 training sessions were conducted by experts from Nokia and Qualcomm to guide the developers. After rigorous…
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  • Apportunity 2011
    Apps developed in 2011
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