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Call Package to talk 24 hours with Boltay Jao Offer

Time should not stop you from expressing what you feel. It should not matter if it's day or night. You need a call package that lets you connect with your friends 24 hours a day – whenever you want. So talk at any hour of the day with BoltayJao Offer. Subscribe to this offer and enjoy amazing FnF rates for the next 3 days.

How to subscribe to BoltayJao call package:

Dial *345*120# to activate djuiceBoltayJao for 3 days.

What are the charges of BoltayJao call package:

On djuice Din Raat:
FnF call rates: Rs 2.0 + Tax/hour
All other Telenor Numbers: Calls free after five minutes
On djuice:
FnF call rates: Rs 2.4 + Tax/hour
On djuice One Plan:
FnF call rates: Rs 2.4 + Tax/hour
Non FnFonnet call rate for this offer: Rs 1.25+tax/30 sec
Subscription Charges:
djuice Din Raat Package: Rs. 7 + tax
djuice: Rs 10 + tax
djuice One Plan Package: Rs 10 + tax

What are the terms and conditions of Boltay Jao offer:

Offer available only on djuice din raat, djuice one plan & djuice packages Offer will have 3 days validity 19.5% FED applies on usage 15% with holding tax at recharge This is a limited time offer

Call Setup Charges: 12 paisa incl+Tax/call