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SMS Package that meets your messaging needs

We understand not everyone has the same SMS use. That's why we design unique SMS packages. Choose from daily, weekly, fortnightly and monthly SMS bundles to suit your needs.

What SMS Packages does djuice offer:

SMS Packages/bundlesChargesNo. Of SMSValidity DaysHow to activate
Daily SMS Bundle Rs. 1.50 + Tax 300 1 *2*2*1#
Weekly SMS Bundle Rs. 7.99 + Tax 1,200 7 *2*2*2#
Fortnightly SMS Bundle Rs. 30 + Tax 3,500 14 *2*2*3#
Monthly SMS Bundle Rs. 40 + Tax 6,000 30 *2*2*5#
Monthly Plus SMS Bundle Rs. 70 + Tax 12,000 30 *2*2*4#

How to activate SMS packages:

Through SMS Menu: Dial *2*2# and get the menu which will allow you to subscribe to the daily, weekly, fortnightly (every 2 weeks) and monthly bundles. Through call: Call 555 from your djuice connection and press 5 when asked to.

PackagePriceFree SMSFree Minutes
Djuice & One Plan Rs. 10 + Tax 700 SMS 12 Minutes (On-net only)
Din Raat Rs. 10 + Tax 700 SMS 12 Minutes (On-net only)

How to check remaining SMS and validity in SMS package:

Dial *111# to check remaining SMS count (Charges of Rs. 0.20 + Tax)

What are the terms and conditions:

  • Validity of SMS Package/Bundle starts from the day of subscription.
  • All djuice subscribers can avail these SMS packages.
  • SMS can be sent to any number in Pakistan.
  • All unused SMS at the end of bundle Validity will be removed.
  • This is a Limited Time Offer.
  • 19.5% Federal Excise Duty applies on usage.
  • 15% withholding tax at recharge.