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Smart Tunes

How to Subscribe to Smart Tunes

  • SMS 'Sub djuice' to 230
  • Dial 230 and follow instructions to activate SmartTunes service
  • Dial *230*999# to activate SmartTunes service

You can also visit your nearest Telenor Sales and Service Center or retailer

Click Here to access the smart tunes portal and manage smart tunes on your mobile number.


  • One Key Copy (While listening press * to copy your friend's SmartTune from Telenor Number)
  • One Key Activation (While listening press * to activate SmartTunes service and copy your friends SmartTune) (New)
  • You can present a SmartTune to a friend
  • You can record your Smart Tune
  • You can make a music album your Smart Tune (New)
  • Download Smart Tune mobile application for your handset (New)
  • Create a login on the website and make your own personalized settings




One Time Smart Tunes Activation Charge


SMS to 230

Rs 5+tax


Rs. 5+Tax for first minute and Rs.5+Tax for every next 5 minute

Smart Tune Price

Rs.6+Tax through SMS and IVR

Rs. 11+Tax through call center and star (*) key

Music Album/Music Channel

Rs.15+Tax/ Month

To Unsubscribe from Smart Tunes

  • To unsubscribe Telenor Smart Tune Dial *230*001#

To Purchase a New Smart Tune

  • SMS 'ST<Smart Tune Code>' to 230 (Rs 5+tax)
    Example: ST 1234567

OR Dial 230 and listen to wide range of Smart Tunes

RBT Renewal charges are Rs 6.50+tax after 30 days

To Gift a Smart Tune to your Friend

  • SMS 'Gift<Smart Tune Code>Phone number of friend' to 230 (Rs 5+tax)
    Example: Gift 1234567 03455123456

OR Dial 230
Music Album/Music Channel

Music Album is a collection of SmartTunes that will be added to your library
and can be purchased at a discounted rate!

To Subscribe to a Music Album
Dial *345*222#
SMS 'MA Music Album Code' and send it to 230 or dial 230, press 1 and then press 3.
Example: MA 1234567

"SmartTunes content shall only be available to the subscriber subject to the validity of content copyrights. SmartTunes content may or may not be available after the expiry of content copyrights. Telenor Pakistan holds the right to remove any content from the SmartTunes service at any time, at its sole discretion."