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djuice group SMS service

Want to keep all your friends in the loop without hassle? djuice Group SMS service will allow you to do just that! Create a group, add your friends to it and then send an SMS to the entire group with just one message. It does not end here, you can even add your friends from anynetwork to this group. What's even better is that when someone responds everyone will receive it allowing friends to easily have an SMS conversation together.

How to use group message service

Use the commands given below and send to 9393 to use Djuice Group SMS service:

To get started, send GROUPS to 9393

CREATE - Start a group

Format: create e.g. create soccer

JOIN - Join a group

Format: Join Join soccer.

LEAVE - Leave a group

Format: Leave Leave soccer.

INVITE - Invite friend to a group

Format: invite invite soccer fatima87

invite soccer 03437654321

KICK - Kick someone from a group

Format: kick

kick soccer fatima87

LIST–List members of a group

Format: list list soccer

MAKE–change group type

Format: make private or make public make myfamily private

ALLOW - Allow someone

Format: allow

HELP Groups: Confused !!

Format: Help Groups

What are the charges of group message service

All SMS sent to 9393 are charged at Re. 1 plus tax


Please note that a maximum number of people that can be added in a group are 20.

Only djuice & Ufone customers can be added to the group.