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djuice Friend Finder

Enjoy SMS chat rooms, meet new people and make exciting friends on your phone.

How to use SMS chat with djuice Friend finder:

  • Simply send 'Chat' to 111 (Charges i.e Rs 1+Tax/SMS)
  • You will be helped in making a nice profile.
  • You will then be sent a list of chat rooms.
SMS Chat commands: To enter a chat room:

Select a room from the list of rooms sent to you when you send CHAT to 111

To chat with other users in a chat room:

Reply to chat room messages or send a message to the chat room short code

To get a list of users in a room:

Reply with "list" to a chat room message.

To leave a chat room:

Reply EXIT to a chat room message

To block a user:

Reply to user's message with "block"

For Help:

SMS 'help' to 111

To unblock a user:"

Reply to user's message with "unblock"

To change profile:

Send "Change Profile" or "edit" to 111

*Now there is a check of digital moderation implemented.